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Tree & Shrub Trimming and Removal

Sometimes a simple tree removal can entirely change the way you see your outdoor environment. Not only do our tree removal services remove a dead or dying tree, they clear the way for a more expansive view. Whether you are trimming branches or need emergency removal, Lawn Elements offers you professional, prompt tree removal services at a competitive price.

Comprehensive Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is often important to maintaining the safety of your home or business, as well as its residents. Our tree removal services offer you fast, immediate tree removal as well as stump grinding. At Lawn Elements, our fully insured tree removal professionals turn your dead or dying tree into beneficial mulch, or, if you prefer, we can cut it into firewood for you to season and use the following year.

Tree Removal is Your Last Resort

Lawn Elements provides a number of services that can help preserve your tree rather than remove it. Our tree pruning services can cut away diseased or dead wood, leaving you with a healthier and safer tree. In addition, we offer cabling services that can “tie back” your tree, to keep it away from other structures, without eliminating its beauty. Regardless of the tree service you need, you can count on Lawn Elements to help keep your landscaping looking its very best.

Discover the difference our tree removal services and tree care can make to your property. Call Lawn Elements of Long Island at 631-656-9711, e-mail us at, or fill out a contact form . Let us create a worry-free living environment that will flourish for years to come.

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