Meadowbrook Pointe At Westbury Gets A Well Deserved Facelift

Meadowbrook Pointe is a 10 year old sophisticated 55+ luxury gated community located in the heart of Nassau County’s North Shore. The community features a wide range of home styles including condominium suites, townhomes and very spacious villas— 720 units in all.

We were first approached by the Home Owners Association after completion of the final unit. You see, when a community such as this is constructed, the builder and/or sponsor exercises complete control until the last unit is sold. The landscape company hired by the sponsor only attended to the ground’s bare minimum —and the community showed it!

These were some of the challenges we faced:
  • Massive amounts of dead bushes/shrubs & overgrown ornamental trees
  • Entire community lacked curb appeal
  • Turf riddled with weeds
  • Mulch piled up against the base of trees and shrubs
  • High volume of owner complaints due to multiple years of overall neglect

Although the architecture and homes were luxurious, the state of the grounds left us unimpressed after our first visit. The landscape did in no way accentuate the proposed experience of luxury living at Meadowbrook Pointe— on the contrary, it made the community seem rather ordinary.

A meeting was held with the HOA board and the landscape committee. We were able to get a better understanding of what their expectations were. Opening up a channel of communication is the first thing we like to establish. This enables us to get a clear understanding of what their problems are and then execute projects according to everyone’s satisfaction.

Seeing that we had our work cut out for us, no time was wasted —we jumped right in. Our challenges ran the gamut, from adding color and vibrancy through well designed seasonal plantings to developing a course of action to address all existing problems due to neglect and poor lawn care.

We couldn’t wait to get started!

The first challenge we faced…

One of the biggest complaints was that the grounds lacked color in the spring, summer and fall. The property looked sparse especially in the early part of spring when the trees are still mostly bare and then again in the fall. And when the summer planting was installed, there was never any “wow” factor.

First thing’s first – the entry needed to capture the essence of Meadowbrook Pointe’s luxury. We comprised a planting design for every season. In early spring a flourish of tulips, daffodils and cold weather pansies will decorate the entrance ways. In the summer, a beautiful design of colorful annuals welcomed all who entered the property. Fall was festive with bright fall colors and we didn’t stop there…cold weather pansies, and ornamental cabbages adorned the entry in winter. Now that we had our flower designs in place, we proceeded to complement the entire community with the same seasonal splendor; clubhouse, main drive and all house and villa areas.

Then we tackled all of the dead shrubs…

Dead bushes and shrubbery (too many to mention) dotted the property, making for an unsightly, unmanicured appearance.

After assessing the property, a detailed list was compiled of how many bushes were worth saving and the ones that needed replacing. We presented a comprehensive report to the HOA board detailing a replacement planting plan along with the cost of the project.

Repaired snow removal damage from previous company…

Snow removal damage was found throughout the entire property. Belgian blocks were dragged and broken from sloppy plow maneuvering. Sod, walkways and driveways were all in need of repair. Most of this damage would have been avoided had the community been properly staked in the fall.

We started by rehabilitating damaged lawn areas and repairing what was needed along driveways and walkways. We then did a thorough walk-through and mapped the community for future staking. We have formulated a proactive approach by staking out strategic areas in order to eliminate any damages that could possibly occur during snow removal activities.

Our continuing efforts…

The majority of the initial projects have either been completed or are in the process of being completed. Now we can focus on next steps – implementing our beautification plan for the entire community!

We’ll be updating the status of the upcoming projects as they get completed.

Check back with us soon!