Lawn Care for Retail & Public Spaces

The more people you attract to a retail location, the more potential there is for sales. Lawn Elements commercial lawn care and landscape maintenance services help create an immediate impact on your retail space. We understand the amount of foot traffic your retail space endures and suggest commercial landscaping ideas that help work with it. We analyze your walkways, examine traffic patterns and create a specific commercial lawn care and landscaping plan that retains a clean appearance no matter how many people visit.

Commercial Landscaping Ideas That Attract Attention

We customize visual attractions that draw customers in. Our expert commercial landscaping ideas create an alluring atmosphere that can actually encourage sales. Our commercial landscaping ideas can turn ordinary retail and public spaces into extraordinary attractions. Our extensive maintenance services can help you create a comfortable retail environment from beginning to end. Beyond our Long Island lawn landscaping capabilities, we provide landscape professionals that can plan and create water-features, seasonal gardens, brick retaining walls and so much more.

Discover the difference our retail space lawn landscaping can make to your property. Call Lawn Elements of Long Island at 631-656-9711, e-mail us at, or fill out a contact form. Let us create a worry-free living environment that will flourish for years to come.

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