Landscaping Mistake #2

Landscaping Mistake #2: Not REALLY Understanding Your HOA Landscaping Contracts

‘Status-quo’ landscaping contracts include 2, maybe 3 or 4 trimmings per year, and most HOA’s go with it because that’s what they did last year.

Unfortunately this common practice is the root to ongoing budget problems, and at the end of the day, negatively impacts the beauty and health of your community.

Scheduling a handful of arbitrary times to trim & prune a property with up to 25 or 30 different types of bushes & plants is the wrong way to go, here’s why.

A ‘status-quo’ trimming program inherently excludes many needs your plant life calls for…

The typical landscaping contract itemizes services you will receive over the year. For example; you get ‘X’ amount of mowing, ‘X’ amount of weeding, and ‘X’ amount of trimming & pruning. You sign on the dotted line and you think you’re covered.

Now months go by and you start seeing potential problems that require immediate attention. Perhaps there’s an over-grown bush blocking someone’s window, or worse, it’s climbing up the side of the dwelling where unseen bugs are starting to infest the building.

Most HOA’s call the landscaping company to alert them of these issues, only to find an inadequate response such as; “We’re scheduled to trim bushes in about three weeks.”

That’s the problem… three weeks with bug infestation will increase damage resulting in more budget dollars to fix the problem, and we can all empathize with the resident whose window is blocked by a bush… especially if that window adds to the quality of their home.

The typical ‘X’ amount of trimmings is clearly the wrong way to go because, a large condominium property has a wide range of bushes, shrubs & perennials demanding different care and maintenance throughout the year.

Each Season, and at different times within each Season, plants and bushes require different care to avoid over-growth issues, insect problems, and to insure long-term ROI from your landscaping budget.

Please understand… a ‘status-quo’ trimming program inherently excludes many needs your plant life calls for, ultimately leading to extra management, services, and plant replacement where more dollars from your budget are required.

As discussed in How Landscaping Plans Save HOA’S Time & Money while Improving Landscape Quality; Not having a long-term landscaping plan for your community will cost you personally in time, aggravation, and… in over-budget expenses you didn’t see coming.

How added cost & time are completely avoidable by adding landscaping essentials like…

The Right Timing for Trimming & Pruning Ensures a Beautifully Landscaped Community

The Right Technique for Trimming & Pruning Insures a Beautifully Landscaped Community

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