Who Does Lawn Elements Work With?

Condominium Properties

Lawn Elements is a full service landscaping & snow removal company with decades of experience working with Commercial Property Managers & Owners, 55 and Over Communities, Condominiums, HOA’s, Property Manager’s and HOA Board Members.

Commercial Properties

Lawn Element’s works directly with commercial property owners and management companies. Our experienced and enduring crews service Commercial Properties including:

Office Parks
Retirement Communities
Apartment Complexes
Shopping Centers

Corporate Campuses
Industrial Parks
Retail Centers

Does Lawn Element’s Insurance Cover All Properties they Service?

Lawn Element’s insurance covers each individual property we provide snow removal services for and confidently provides the safest snow clearing methods on Long Island.

How Many Trucks Will Be Clearing My Property?

Lawn Element’s snow removal services can’t be beat simply because we dispatch at least one truck to remain on your property until the last snow flake has fallen. The size of your property will determine whether you require 1 or 2 trucks coupled with smaller machines or larger payloaders. We can plan it out when we speak.

How Many Properties Does One Truck Service During a Storm?

Every property Lawn Elements services has an assigned truck for the duration of any storm. We do not “hurry” and “shuffle” our crew or equipment from one property to another. Many snow removal companies make this costly mistake and most always negatively impacts you and your residents.

Can Lawn Element’s Equipment Handle Blizzard-Like Conditions?

With years of snow removal experience we have learned and developed plans, where we own our equipment, and have created and use an arsenal of machines capable of handling all of Long Island’s toughest snow storm conditions.

Lawn Element’s smaller plow trucks with sanders are used for those hard to reach and narrow areas, and heavy-duty dump trucks fitted with plows and sanders are dispatched for big areas like parking lots and roads.

For parking stalls, walkways, driveways, sidewalks etc. Lawn Element’s fleet of skid-steer loaders, pay-loaders and front-end loaders coupled with commercial grade snow blowers can handle the toughest of snow and ice conditions.

What happens if Lawn Elements Damages Our Property While Clearing Snow?

Lawn Elements takes full responsibility for any damage done by our snow trucks, snow machines and/or snow removal crew. For Example: If a Belgium block is cracked or pulled from the cement holding it in place, when the weather allows for it, Lawn Elements will fix-it new at our expense, not your community’s.

How Does Lawn Element’s Work with Special-Needs Condominium Resident’s, like the elderly?

Every property we service has what we call “Emergency Lists”. The lists are given to us by the HOA and / or the property management company at the beginning of the winter season. If you have an elderly resident in need of daily dialysis, Lawn Element’s prioritizes the resident’s snow clearing and insures emergency vehicles and cars can get in and out of the community.

Each ‘Emergency List’ has the names and addresses of all elderly or special needs residents where their walk-ways and driveways are cleared first and their needs are met regardless of how much snow falls.

NOTE: Lawn Elements offers 24 Hour Emergency Supervised Services for residents who must get out if by chance snow continues to fall.

How Quickly Do You Shovel Driveways and Walkways?

Lawn Elements offers emergency snow removal services and wants to be sure everyone involved is safe and have their health needs met. With the exception of special-needs residents, typically all driveways and walkways are shoveled after the snow has stopped. But it depends on the amount of snow we are expecting. If we are getting a larger amount of snowfall, we might shovel the walks throughout the day/night to try and stay ahead of the storm.

It also depends on what time of the day the snow is falling. For example, if the snow is coming down during the morning hours, we may clear the walkways during the storm so residents can walk safely to their cars because they have to get to work.

For commercial properties, snow is removed every couple of inches to ensure conditions are safe for people to get to and from the store.

When Do You Start Plowing the Roads?

Lawn Elements snow-plow trucks are on your property before the storm starts.

Typical snow removal contracts will state snow plowing starts at 2 inches of fallen snow. This is best-practice depending on snow storm variables like, length of time, volume and type of snow.

Lawn Elements may begin plowing your property at 1 inch when the storm is going to be a blizzard and drop a ton of snow. Regardless of how much snow is on the ground, Lawn Elements trucks are on your property BEFORE the storm even starts.

If I Live in the Back of the Community, when will my driveway be shoveled?

Do the residents living in the back of your community complain about being last to have their driveway shoveled? When your community has 300+ units, and your snow removal company isn’t planning to provide great service to everyone… you’re going to get phone calls.

Lawn Element’s strategy for this problem is to simply spread out multiple shoveling crews so no one resident has to wait long before their driveway is safely cleared. In addition, and when possible Lawn Element’s will alternate shoveling starting points, avoiding the problem to begin with.

For example: Crew #1 starts in the front the first snow storm, where crew #2 is in the back… the next snow storm, crew #1 starts in the middle, and #2 in the front.

What Type of Snow Removal Contract Does Lawn Elements Offer?

Lawn Elements offers 2 types of snow removal contracts.

  1. 1. Seasonal Snow Removal Agreement
  2. 2. Per-Occurrence Snow Removal Agreement

Seasonal Snow Removal is designed for a condominium or HOA community or commercial property wanting a set-price for the season. Seasonal contracts offer services ranging from shoveling driveways & walkways, to applying salt/sand, and snow plowing with the right equipment for the job.

Per-Occurrence Snow Removal is designed for a condominium community or commercial property wanting to pay-as-they-go. Meaning, Lawn Elements is available when services become necessary for you. Typical industry pricing for this type of snow removal contract usually has the HOA pay:

Per-inch of snow
Per-man shoveling snow

Plus per-yard of salt/sand
…plus other details.

Both contracts have their advantages, it’s up to you and your community to decide which best suits your requirements for safe, reliable snow removal services.

Does Lawn Elements Come Back the Day After the Snow Storm?

Yes. Lawn Elements will return to your community the day after the snow storm to clean-up the odds and ends like parking stalls and snow cleared-off cars. Most importantly, snow will melt during the sun-light hours and freeze during the evening and early morning hours. At this point we may suggest additional calcium chloride applied to walkways, driveways, mail-box hubs and emergency exits.

Where Does Lawn Elements Put the Cleared Snow?

Lawn Elements evaluates each community they work with before the snow season. Every community is different and will have different needs, requirements and space to pile snow.

Lawn Elements mapping & staking snow removal system of your community provides the best out-of-the-way areas designated for snow piling. Once the map for your community is planned Lawn Elements Supervisors are teamed up with a crew where they study the plan to insure proper implementation.

Where Does Lawn Elements Plow the Snow When Cars are Parked On Both Sides of the Street?

Typically when a condo community has parking on both sides of the street snow will inevitably pile up behind some cars, if not all. This happens because the snow removal company uses poor plowing techniques, and doesn’t account for the early morning commuter going out to their snow-blocked car at 7am in freezing temperatures.

Lawn Elements proprietary snow plowing system coupled with the right snow clearing equipment eliminates problems most snow removal companies cause.

Is Calcium Chloride applied to Driveways & Walkways After Snow has been Cleared and if so, what type?

Yes, although it depends on the Community’s HOA Rules, and we can discuss options for your community when we meet.

You can be sure, all of our de-icing materials for walkways and driveways are safe for both walkways and driveways, as well as yours pets!!

How Many Men are Included in Lawn Elements Snow Removal Crew(s)?

The amount of men in each crew is contingent on:
Size of property
Number of Driveways
Number of Walkways
Timing of Storm – Early Morning Commute versus sleeping hours