Who Does Lawn Elements Work With?

Where is Lawn Elements based?

Lawn Elements is headquartered in Holbrook, New York.

Who does Lawn Elements work with?

Lawn Element’s works directly with Property Managers or Home Owner Association Board of Directors (HOA’s), and Commercial Property Owners servicing:

  • Condominiums
  • HOA’s
  • Retirement Communities
  • Office Parks
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Industrial Parks
  • Retail Centers

Commercial Properties

Lawn Element’s works directly with commercial property owners and management companies. Our experienced and enduring crews service Commercial Properties including:

Office Parks
Retirement Communities
Apartment Complexes
Shopping Centers

Corporate Campuses
Industrial Parks
Retail Centers

How often do the crews come to the property?

This will depend on the size of the property and the service being performed, but typical maintenance such as cutting the lawn is performed on a weekly basis.

Other activities such as weeding of flower beds, trimming bushes or clean ups may take longer and require crews to be onsite for multiple days.

Is there a supervisor on site when the crews are working?

Yes. Lawn Elements proprietory methodology “Supervised Landscaping” is a proven system for ensuring there is always someone on the property, not only making sure everything gets done, but also that it’s done right!!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. We are also registered with the Department of Conservation (DEC) for the application of fertilizer and all pesticides for both turf grass and ornamental trees and shrubs.

We are fully staffed with both certified applicators and certified technicians. It is critical to have the proper personel applying pesticides on your property at all times.

How will we know when you are coming to the property?

It is very important to keep all the residents “in the Know” when it comes to what service is being performed and when. Our services are listed on the contract, along with the approximate month, but we also offer our clients a “client portal” accessible on our website.

Here, existing board members, residents and managers can view the current landscaping schedule. This schedule is updated daily, so there is no need for residents to guess when we are coming or if there was a change in schedule due to rain or weather.

Can my property be done on Friday?

Yes, it can… But we don’t recommend getting cut on a Friday, especially if you live in a condominium or a multi-family dwelling because if it rains during the week, you are more then likely going to get pushed to Saturday… and residents don’t appreciate being woken up by lawn mowers on a Saturday morning or having their barbeque disrupted because of the noise.

That said, we can accommodate a Friday cut so long as the resident, or HOA board/managers understand we have no control over the weather, so Saturday cuts will inevitable.

Do you do irrigation?

Yes, services include: New system installation, service repairs, turn on’s and turn offs. But we will also work directly with your irrigation company if you are happy with the company you are currently working with. Ask us about our proprietory DIECT VENDOR RESPONSE system.

How often should we be watering and for how long?

Cool season turf grass requires approx. one inch (1”) of water per week. Long stretches of watering times are better to promote longer root growth, whereas watering for shorter periods more often will promote shallow root growth.

The best way to ensure your lawn is getting enough water is to place cups around the property, turn on the sprinklers and see how long it takes for an inch of water to accumulate in the cup.

How often should we be watering and for how long?

All of our contracts are seasonal contracts. They range from 9-12 months. We typically like to service the entire property. Yes, because we want the work, but more importantly, we don’t want to have to look to another company to do the right job… That’s how the “blame game” starts.

Our contracts cover all the basics with options for the HOA to upgrade to a more advanced program. Some of the options additional options include: tree spray programs, flea & tick control, annual flower change outs, landscape enhancements and architectural renderings for beautification projects.

Do you have references and examples of properties you’ve done?

We offer references upon request, but testimonials (written and on video) as well as case studies, are available here on the Lawn Elements website.

Can you handle a property of this size?

We get this question a lot from both large communities and small. The answer is yes, we can handle any size property. When you have systems in place and the manpower, no property is too large.

Systems help run the company and also ensure we hire the right people… and it’s those systems that ensure all the work is done properly. These systems include Fanatical communication, direct vender response and supervised landscaping. You can be certain, if we agree to take on the property, we will do the right job.

How often do you sharpen the blades?

It’s important that the blades are typically sharpened twice a day. An unsharpened lawnmower blade will actually rip or tear the grass rather than provide a clean even cut. The ripping or tearing of the plant tissue can create a breeding ground for disease and other problems.

Do you catch all the clippings or recycle?

We like to pick up all of our grass clippings and take them away. Mulching is great for the lawn, but you typically have to cut the lawn more frequently, otherwise the grass clippings bunch up. If you let the grass “fly”, it goes all over the place and the clippings are carried into the pool and/or house.

But we can do both. We use recycling blades on machines that also have grass catchers. This allows us to recycle the grass, which is great for the turf and the environment and then whatever small pieces do not get recycled will be caught in the catchers.

Do you guys do snow removal?

Yes, we offer full snow removal services for both multi-family housing and commercial properties. We offer per push & all-inclusive contracts. Services include plowing of all roadways, shoveling of all walkways and driveways, pre-treatment brine applications, ice melt and salt or salt/sand for roadways.

Do you guys do tree spraying?

Yes, we offer a full tree and shrub care program. All pesticides are applied by fully licensed certified applicators or techs under the direct supervision of a certified applicator.

Do you guys do lawn care and fertilizer programs, or do you sub it out?

All pesticide and fertilizer applications are performed “in house”. We offer a full-service lawn care program that includes lawn and shrub fertilization, insect control, and fungus control, as well as a comprehensive tree and shrub care program.

How often do you weed the flower beds?

Yes, flower bed maintenance is available upon request. If contracted, beds are maintained on a weekly basis. This regular maintenance is highly recommended and is essential to keeping your flower beds weed free. If requested, flower beds can also be edged out once per month. This will keep a crisp and clean edge, separating the bed from the turf.

How many times a year do you do shrub trimming?

Communities typically ask for two trimmings per season… but the truth is, most times that’s not enough. First of all, not every bush should be trimmed at the same time and with the same device.

Secondly, not every bush grows at the same speed. Forsythia for example may need to be trimmed on a monthly basis or you will almost certainly get residents complaining their bushes need to be trimmed.

We like to access each property individually and design a trimming program that works for that community.

Will you attend board meetings?

We are fanatical about communication, so yes… not only will we attend board meetings, we will ask if we can come to them regularly on a consistent basis.

Attending board meetings isn’t required, but we think meeting every month is essential to keeping those lines of communication open and addressing any concerns before they become problems.

We can also speak at annual meetings when invited. This keeps all the residents “in the loop” and allows for a Q & A where we can answer any questions or address any issues that may have come up.

What types of services do you provide?

Lawn Elements is your total outdoor solution!! We offer everything from regular maintenance programs… to tree & lawn care, irrigation, snow removal and landscape design/build services.

How do you bill?

All properties are billed on a monthly basis. Invoices are sent to the community and/or property management company on the 15th of every month, so they are able to be signed and mailed out by the 1st.

Do you have an English-speaking foreman that works with the crew?

The answer is YES, at all times!! Our crew chiefs have white button-down shirts on to distinguish them from other employees. Each community will be given the name before we start working.

What types of seasonal plantings do you offer?

We offer early spring bulbs, late spring flowers such as pansies, summer annuals such as Impatiens and Bigonias, and fall Mums, Cabbage and Kale.

Do you do landscape design?

Yes, we have landscape designers on staff that can design and manage any landscape design project.

What happens if it rains on my regularly scheduled maintenance day?

If it rains on your regularly scheduled day, service gets moved up a day. For example, if it rains on Tuesday and your property is serviced on a Thursday, you will now be serviced on Friday. But once again, all service days or changes in the schedule can be viewed on our client portal.

Should I put mulch down in my garden beds?

Yes, all properties should have mulch put down in their flower beds. Mulch not only improves aesthetics, but it also helps keep moisture in the ground which is necessary for proper root growth and it also helps keep weed growth to a minimum… which again, not only improves curb appeal, but will significantly reduce the number of resident complaints you or the managing agent receives.

Why should I hire Lawn Elements?

You should hire Lawn Elements because we will service you better than anyone else, we know how to keep your residents happy and we understand her politics. We have 29 years of experience working with Condominiums and HOA’s. It’s all we know!!

Our work is better… just ask our clients or visit one of our properties and you will immediately see the difference for yourself.

Our core service agreements… Fanatical Communication, Direct Vendor Response and Supervised Landscaping were designed for and around the needs of every HOA Board and Property Manager.

Our client dashboard and services calendar was specifically designed for you!! They are HUGE assets for any community and will eliminate so many phone scheduling phone calls.

We understand that residents pay common charges, so they expect more… sometimes reasonable and sometimes not. We are experts in minimizing resident complaints.

We are able to service the entire property which will eliminate the need for managers to have to call multiple companies and also eliminate “passing of the buck” between vendors.

We understand the importance of communication, so we make sure we are always available to meet with you to discuss your needs.