Fanatical Communication

Fanatical Communication

What is fanatical communication? It’s superior customer support for problem solving, getting answers, and receiving the highest quality service. Lawn Elements helps property managers and property owners save hours of time every day, lower their manpower expenses, and remove the daily aggravation that comes with residents’ complaints. Below is your recipe for alleviating resident complaints…so dig in now! Client Portal Featuring a calendar of events , this portal allows homeowners and property managers to know exactly what services on the property will be performed and on what day. But what if it rains? No worries… The calendar is consistently being updated and Residents will be made aware of any changes in the schedule due to inclement weather conditions. The portal also has an easy to use work order system.
  • For clients who are working with a management company or already have an existing system for processing work orders, our client portal can augment what is already in place and help to simplify communication.
  • For clients who are NOT presently working with a management company, our client portal features a work order processing system, which will help streamline the work order procedure. This will cut down on extraneous communication and wasted time. A homeowner can file a work order and check on the work order status from the comfort of their own home.
Rapid Response Landscaping issues are addressed and / or fixed within 24 hours. No more waiting to hear back from your landscaping vendor or wondering if your message has even been received. Fast Follow-up Lawn Elements keeps everyone in the loop before, during, and after an issue arises. Using today’s communication technologies, we’re open and accessible to you and your property 24/7/365. We have a proprietary system in place to make communication as seamless as possible. Online Customer Connect Modern technology offers us many different ways to communicate throughout a project or when addressing an issue. Lawn Elements is available & accessible by phone, web, text, online chat, e-mail, and even postal mail. Resident Meetings Being present allows everyone to get to know us. In addition, it gives residents a forum to grill us on everything landscaping. With our popular Q&A session, we get to hear their real world concerns and come up with solutions to fix them. Whether it’s monthly or annually, we will make ourselves available to listen to residents’ problems and concerns. Onsite Digital Video & Photography Great for out-of-state managers and a huge time saver for local managers, Lawn Elements takes pictures and shoots video anytime there is an issue. Before-and-after shots let you know that the issue is fixed. Monthly Reporting As with weekly site inspections, being present at monthly board meetings sets everyone up for success. We can handle issues on-the-spot, before they ever become problems. Ease of accessibility is what Lawn Elements is all about.

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