Plymouth Estates at Mount Sinai

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Plymouth Estates at Mount Sinai, New York is a gated, 55+ community located along Long Island’s scenic North Shore with 285-attached units nestled around five beautifully landscaped ponds and walking trails. Read more

Plymouth Estates at Mount Sinai

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Plymouth Estates at Mount Sinai

Plymouth Estates at Mount Sinai, New York is a gated, 55+ community located along Long Island’s scenic North Shore with 285-attached units nestled around five beautifully landscaped ponds and walking trails.

When we first start working with a new community, our management team performs a thorough walk-through of the entire property assessing and prioritizing the needs for the upcoming season.

These were some of the challenges we faced:

  • Massive snow removal damage
  • Mulch piled up against the base of trees and shrubs
  • 752 dead plants and shrubs needed to be removed and replaced
  • Removal of invasive grass which was allowed to grow rampant throughout the entire community​
  • Front entrance needed planting
  • Overgrown bushes and shrubs
  • Diseased and insect infested trees
  • Compacted soil
  • 3 miles of natural path that runs through the entire community completely overrun by grass and weeds and disappearing because of neglect

After our assessment we were able to formulate a regular, consistent maintenance schedule. We worked closely with the HOA Board and their landscape committee to develop a long-term plan that addressed all of their concerns.

WE DID IT ALL... without breaking the budget!

The first challenge was to repair damage incurred by the previous landscape company during snow removal operations. The property was not adequately staked or marked resulting in plow trucks and skid steers, ripping up chunks of grass and rows of Belgium blocks.

After examining the damage, we compiled a comprehensive report of all the affected areas and proceeded to repair what was required… Belgium blocks/driveways, shrubs were unearthed, and grass areas were ripped up needing top soil/seed and grading.

Trees and shrubs throughout the community had mulch piled against the base from the previous season, leaving many trees dead or dying. This is often called “volcanoing” mulch, which chokes and can eventually kill the tree or shrub. Immediate action needed to be taken. 


Lawn Elements systematically removed all mulch piled against the trees and shrubs
enabling healthy growth. We also removed an entire dump truck full of mulch at the front entrance because it was prohibiting us from installing summer annuals. 

There were approximately 750 dead bushes and shrubs that needed to be removed and replaced. The biggest challenge here was the projects limited budget. We had to figure out how to get 750 dead plants removed and then replaced without replacing bush for bush… which would have been too costly. So we had to get creative…


Lawn Elements, together with the community’s Landscape Committee, surveyed every individual unit. All dead shrubbery and stumps were removed. Then, keeping within the HOA’s budget, plants and shrubs were chosen for their hardiness and beauty. Bare areas were transformed into lush green areas, creating curb appeal for every unit.

Seedlings from perennial grasses previously installed by the builder spread throughout the community. The grass was allowed to continue growing season after season, ultimately overwhelming the entire property. The HOA members lost all hope of ever being rid of it.

Lawn Elements, having dealt with this problem in the past, understood immediate action was required and we knew exactly what to do. In order to completely remove the invasive grass, an aggressive procedure was planned, a letter was sent to all the residents explaining what we were doing and why, and then we got to work.

A “Total Kill” herbicide was sprayed on the invasive grass which also killed some of the desirable grass, leaving many bare spots. We thatched and raked out the dead grass then started reseeding, adding top soil where necessary. After a short while, the community once again had a lawn to be proud of exceeding the HOA’s expectations.

The front entrance needed a complete overhaul. Dead trees and poorly maintained planting beds were the first thing you saw when driving up.

We cleaned up and redesigned the entrance utilizing over 1200 flowering annuals—giving it a “wow” factor and showcasing the beauty of the property.

Diseased and malnourished trees loaded with insects lined the front of the clubhouse and throughout the entire community.

After the Lawn Elements’ team diagnosed the problem, we implemented a comprehensive tree and shrub care program. All of the affected trees were sprayed and unhealthy, dead branches were pruned away. Lawn Elements was able to save the majority of the trees, saving the community tens of thousands of dollars in removal and replacement costs.

Continuing challenges....

Like so many communities throughout Long Island, rich topsoil is scraped away during the construction phase unearthing mostly clay. If we were going to improve the health and vitality of the lawn, trees and shrubs we needed to improve the soil conditions as well — as they say, “it all starts from the ground up”! Lawn Elements is in the process of reconditioning the soil improving the overall health and appearance of the entire property. One of the nicest features of Plymouth Estate is its winding 3 mile walking path. Due to years of neglect, parts have become completely overgrown. In an ongoing effort we are in the process of rehabilitating and clearing the path, making it once again into a valuable asset for the community.


  • 55+ Community
  • 285 Attached units
  • 5 landscaped ponds
  • Miles of winding walking trails

Our Service Commitments:

Fanatical Communication

Supervised Landscaping

Direct Vendor Response

Experience the Difference! Call Us Today at (631) 656-9711.

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