Plymouth Estates at Mount Sinai

Plymouth Estates at Mount Sinai, New York is a gated, 55+ community located along Long Island’s scenic North Shore with 285-attached units nestled around five beautifully landscaped ponds and walking trails. Read more…

10 Best Practices to Keep Weeds Out of Your Community Landscaping

They’re out there. Waiting for their moment to strike. Then, when the time is right, they spring out in force. They are weeds—the not-so-silent menaces. Weeds may not have voices of their own, but if you’re an HOA Board Member in a condominium complex, that doesn’t stop you from hearing about them when you stop to get your mail or when someone flags you down as you drive through the complex. Read more…

3 Ways Commercial Property Owners Save a Fortune with the Right Snow Removal Service

It’s no secret successful businesses have clear-cut skill-sets, awareness and know-how required to produce a great product or service.

Typically the following business elements determine how well a company is doing along-the-lines of market share, profitability and steady growth.

Think of any business out there… Restaurant, manufacturing, sports… any business requires teamwork, training and in-the-field experience.

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What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring A New Snow Removal Company?

How certain things get done, will determine how fast and effectively your snow removal company can safely clear a large snow storm, and eliminate resident complaints once and for all.

Follow the list of questions below to ask your snow removal company.

Snow removal services for condominiums is serious business for all obvious reasons, and it’s those very reasons why this snow removal report was conscientiously written with you and your residents in mind.

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Paying Attention to Snow Removal Details Eliminates Resident Complaints EVERY TIME!

As with all professions, there are companies who truly care about and support their customers; Flip-the-coin and you find other snow removal companies who are just in it for a buck.

Also, within each profession there are people who play-to-win, and can’t do enough to help their existing and potential customers.

Snow removal for condominiums is serious business for all obvious reasons and it’s those very reasons why this report was conscientiously written with you and your residents in mind.

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Finally! Long Island HOA’s No Longer make these 5 Condo Landscaping Mistakes

I was just thinking… “I only listen to about 20% of the music I have on my iPod.” Then I thought; “I only wear about 20% of the clothing in my closet… the other 80% remains untouched.”

As I continued to think more about it… 20% of my actions are causing 80% of my results. In business, it’s very common for 80% of your sales to come from 20% of your clients.

All this talk of 80/20 comes from the Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto; best known for seeing that 20% of the people own 80% of Italy.

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PROOF: Landscaping Services Increase The Value Of Your Home

A Virginia Tech survey showed by investing in landscaping services your property’s perceived home value will increase considerably and produce a higher selling price than homes with barely any landscape appeal.

The study revealed three specific areas to focus on when increasing the value of your home, as well as their return on investment when improving your landscaping.

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What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring a Landscape Designer?

Did you know anyone can call themselves a Landscape Designer without any credentials or formal education?

As you read through this article you will discover important distinctions between a landscape DESIGNER and a landscape ARCHITECT.

Knowing the difference will save you time, money and aggravation when planning your new yard. Read more…

3 Backyard Landscaping Trends for Your Enjoyment

If you’re thinking of how you want to use your backyard landscaping space, it’s very important to spend some time thinking about your lifestyle.

Today there are several backyard landscaping trends which add value, appeal and fun you may be interested in.

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3 Commercial Landscaping Tips Keeping Your Paying Tenants Happy

Don’t you agree? Retail brick and mortar competition is fierce these days.

In a marketplace where consumers are always “judging a book by its cover”, it’s never been more important to provide your tenants with an attractive place to be.

See for yourself…

Commercial Landscaping Tip #1 Maintain Attractive Curb Appeal At All Times

It’s no surprise when people drive by your commercial property they make assumptions to the quality of stores you have, simply based on how your property looks.

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