5 Costly Landscaping Mistakes for Condos

Do You Make These “5 Costly Mistakes” with Your Long Island Condominium Landscaping?

Taking advantage of an insider’s perspective with landscaping problems you put-up with, is proactive and will save you from time-hassles, as well as over-budget dollars for sure. Even the smartest HOA’s & Property Managers make landscaping mistakes. It’s not their fault… first, it’s not their profession, and secondly, they don’t do it everyday. Discover 5 landscaping reports for HOA’s below. Stop wasting your time and HOA landscaping budget on avoidable problems. Even being informed is NOT always enough. In the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell; the point driven home is simple; when you know something well through study, experience and time, you can walk into a situation and in a blink, know the problem and usually the solution. Don’t you agree, you experience this in your profession? It’s not as simple as reading a manual; instead you live it and breathe it… the time it takes you to assess and conclude a situation is light-years from a layperson. Most challenges for many of us starts when our plates are full with a job, family, friends, and hobby’s… in other words, our life. Meaning, we can’t all be experts at everything. So when it comes to condominium landscape management you’re bound to make some mistakes. It may be an agreement in the contract you didn’t have to agree to; or it can be calling the wrong vendor for the wrong job… which can be a hassle as you play phone tag and have a hard time fixing the issue quickly without any non-sense. The time has come for you to beef-up your landscaping aptitude, and stop wasting time and money, as well as minimizing the hassles and aggravation fraught with mis-information and uneducated decisions. I’ve put together a small series of landscaping reports for you; they’re designed to help minimize costly decisions, and help reduce the amount of time you spend managing your HOA landscaping.
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